Wed, 05.07.2017

    Excursion to the BLG automobile terminal
    On Wednesday the course participants will be taking a trip to Bremerhaven to visit the automobile terminal at the seaport. The BLG Logistics Group offers a guided tour through the immense short term parking lot for cars waiting to go overseas. Please remember to bring your identity card, if you are an EU citizen or passport, if you are an non-EU citizen.
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    Afterwards the participants will enjoy the cultural exquisites of Bremen as they amble along the 30th BREMINALE, easily Bremen's biggest annual cultural festival lasting 5 days, starting on Wednesday. Over the last years BREMINALE has grown and attracted as much as 200.000 visitors.
    Details and more

    • 9:15 am Meeting in front of the BIBA building
    • 9:30 am Departure of the bus
    • 11:00 am Guided tour around the BLG automobile and container terminal in Bremerhaven
    • 1:00 pm Return to Bremen
    • 2:30 pm sightseeing tour through Bremen and BREMINALE